Let me tell you a story all about how…

After studying Vocal Performance at Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em Tech!), I knew that God's calling for my life was not to be on Broadway, or to be an opera singer. I had always loved makeup and hair, and put all of my effort into getting a job in cosmetics at Nordstrom.  While there I learned from the best educators in the business, and honed my skills to build the foundation of my artistry skills.

From my creative background in music and theater, to my administrative and customer service experience from working in Property & Project Management, I am able to draw on every skill I've learned to tell a story through my art. I am passionate about the soul of each person in my chair, and am honored to serve the people I work with. 

My name is Kelley and I don't know what to write... so... I'm going to go take some random Buzz Feed quiz to tell me who I am in life.